GSWL Ltd on 10th May 2024 commenced its quarterly staff durbars. Staff durbars are usually characterized by all employees converging in an open place for open and frank discussions with management.

Speakers at this latest event, which was held at the forecourt of the chop kitchen, were the Safety Health and Environmental (SHE) Manager Mr. James German, Processing Manager Mr. Kwabena Owusu Akyaw, Mr. Henry Gyasi in charge of mining underground and Mr. Blay Thompson representing the GSWL workers Union.


All the speakers provided updates on GSWL Quarter 1 performance, which though in the right direction, requires more effort and everyone working together safely and efficiently to achieve our targets.

To conclude the programme, Mr. Shaddrack Sowah VP / MP introduced the new CEO of GSWL Mr. Carl Baker – Duly.

In a festive atmosphere, the durbar drew employees from all departments who interacted freely with each other. It also provided a platform for employees to engage directly with senior management, by sharing their thoughts and asking them questions.

In line with Management commitment to embrace effective communication, staff durbars will be a fixture on GSWL calendar for every quarter. This will provide for two-way communication where management will keep employees abreast with company’s progress and other important announcements.

It will also afford employees the opportunity to ask questions and have frank and open discussions with management.